Takes an RGB array/filename and adds a camera vignette effect.

add_vignette(image, vignette = 0.5, filename = NULL, preview = FALSE)



Image filename or 3-layer RGB array.


Default 0.5. A camera vignetting effect will be added to the image. 1 is the darkest vignetting, while 0 is no vignetting. If vignette is a length-2 vector, the second entry will control the blurriness of the vignette effect (1 is the default, e.g. 2 would double the blurriness but would take much longer to compute).


Default NULL. Filename which to save the image. If NULL and preview = FALSE, returns an RGB array.


Default FALSE. If TRUE, it will display the image in addition to returning it.


3-layer RGB array of the processed image.


#Plot the dragon plot_image(dragon)
#Add a vignette effect: # \donttest{ add_vignette(dragon, preview = TRUE, vignette = 0.5)
# } #Darken the vignette effect: # \donttest{ add_vignette(dragon, preview = TRUE, vignette = 1)
# } #Increase the width of the blur by 50%: # \donttest{ add_vignette(dragon, preview = TRUE, vignette = c(1,1.5))
# }